MedINA is actively initiating the implementation of the LEMRACE project, with the first actions already planned.The objective of the project is the safeguarding of the agricultural genetic heritage of Lemnos through the conservation and utilization of the island’s local landraces.

Following the creation of the logo, LEMRACE now has its own website! Everyone interested can now get extensive updates on all information related to the project, actions, and news through, in a user-friendly environment with easy navigation.

The LEMRACE project is detailed on the website, highlighting MedINA’s commitment to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient food system on Lemnos. The website was created by IkarianMEDIA, MedINA’s longterm partner.

The website serves as a catalyst to announce the first seed production seminar, which will be implemented on the island of Lemnos as part of the project’s second action: Development and Educational Support of a network of seed guardians on Lemnos . Detailed information and an open invitation for anyone interested will follow in the coming days.

MedINA’s work continues with the aim of valorising the island’s landraces with their unique characteristics and creating iconic food products of added value!

The project ” LEMRACE – Conservation of the crop genetic wealth of Lemnos: local varieties for sustainable development of the Lemnian food system ” is implemented by the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos and the Institute of Genetics & Plant Genetic Resources (IGBPR) of ELGO-DIMITRA and is funded by the Green Fund.